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The Firm's Focus

Gaulin Group PLLC concentrates on entertainment and media law, executive compensation and severance/termination arrangements, as well as a myriad of related business transactions.

Established in 1993, Gaulin Group PLLC represents a variety of clients from most states and several foreign nations.  Included among them is a long list of top executives in motion picture, television and media companies, and prominent individual producers, directors, authors, television and film screenwriters, comedy writers, talk-show hosts, news reporters, magazine publishers and editors-in-chief, as well as performing and recording talent.  A special field of expertise for clients is the handling of employment, compensation and separation arrangements, and discrimination claims.  


The firm represents public and privately held corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, creative enterprises and entrepreneurs in all types of transactions, mergers and acquisitions in the entertainment and media field, involving television, feature and documentary films, animation, video, music, licensing, and literary and magazine publishing.  Gaulin Group PLLC also provides expertise in production finance, negotiation and documentation of transactions of a myriad of arrangements, among them being the licensing of entertainment and non-entertainment properties, acquisition of creative properties through production and distribution of completed television and feature films, and the making of best-selling books into film and films into live theatrical productions.  


Advice and support in critical situations are based on strategic, analytical, pragmatic and creative thinking to achieve the best possible results.  In order to provide cost effective services, all negotiations are conducted and deals structured in a politely tenacious and creative manner.  The firm takes pride and satisfaction protecting clients’ interests and helping to enhance their challenging lives and careers.  Each closing of a deal brings a new beginning for these industry professionals, and, historically, a continuing career-long professional relationship.


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